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I am a junoir in highschool and I have been working with physical hardware since i was 14. I want to go farther in this career and iv’e been looking for options any ideas here


start grabbing wires and soldering them together. Whatever you do, don’t stop. Eventually by the time you hit grad school you should be able to mass of wires and retire.


But in all seriousness, what part are you interested in?
You mentioned you’ve been working with physical hardware, but to what extent?
Have you tried anything with software?
Do you like numbers/math/logic, or just getting your hands dirty in fixing stuff?
What’s your opinion of the general public/How well do you communicate with people?
I know you’re in school, so this may seem like a dumb question that you’ll answer no to now, but something to keep in mind after you graduate: Do you enjoy learning about new things?

Depending on your answers, we could recommend a few of many routes that are still tech-related.
Popular well-paying jobs:
Network Administrator
Network Architect
Programmer (In General)
System Administrator (Debatable whether this is the same as Network Administrator)

I’m not in the upper echelon of pay, but my job is fun, where I get to play around with bleeding edge tech in R&D. My minions all enjoy their jobs too. I’m in a position to tell my boss no when I disagree, and the upper management usually will follow my recommendations, unless a paying customer request overrules everyone. It’s honestly the best tech job Ive ever had, and I’ve been paid more and less. For the goals to set for yourself, make sure you include your own happiness, not just how much money you can make.


i’ve been building and fixing pc’s aswell as cleaning i install windows and linux from usb and such and maybe something like cc cleaner. i’m terrible at math why i couldn’t make the coding class i have basic python right now i’m an introvert i can socialize im just kinda awkward


Raspberry Pi
Real Electronics projects. Dave at EEVBlog is a badass. Watch his videos.