Looking for Nexus 6P PhantomGlass Alternatives

So, sadly I found out the other day that PhantomGlass won't be making any screen protectors for the new Nexus 6P and 5X. Apparently because of "inconsistencies with the screens surface." I'm curious if anyone knows of some quality(hopefully similarly easy to apply) alternatives for the Nexus 6P. So far I've done alright without one for about a month. I'm considering a Dbrand skin just to add some grip(a case would make it too large IMO).

Ive been using a orzly tempered glass screen protector on my 5X and its doing its job well. Easy to put on too.

Spigen make some decent screen protectors, I've used them on my last three phones all decent quality for the price.

Ended up going with a Spigen tempered glass screen protector for my nexus 6p, and so far it's been pretty good besides the giant cutouts around the bottom speaker and top speaker.

out of interest, how are you finding the 6p?

I'm liking it a lot, it is my first smart phone so I can't make any real comparisons, but I'm loving the finger print sensor. The back feels like the perfect spot for it too, I would have to strain to reach for it if it was at the bottom of the phone(and I don't know that I'd pattern protect my phone if it wasn't there, much easier to unlock obviously). Part of me does wish that it also worked as a home button, even caught myself putting my finger there like it was a couple times. Battery life and charge times are great too. I wouldn't have minded it though if it had been smaller, but I've learned to deal with it even with my small hands. As reviewers have said it is kind of slippery, though I haven't found it slipping out of my hand any...pocket is a different story though(especially athletic/basketball shorts when leaning in a chair...hasn't slipped out of regular pants pockets though). And front facing speakers are great(sound great too), always hated the back facing speakers on my Xoom.

Also thanks for the suggestions, I'll have to look into those.