Looking for new wireless mouse

Hey guys,

I'm looking to get a new wireless mouse for my gaming laptop. It does have to be wireless because my kids like to throw things around and my previous mouse broke inside the usb cable from them swinging it round by the cable. I also use the laptop all over the house and not having a restriction of the wire helps a lot.

I want to spend around £50 GB but not sure what would be good in that kind of price range. I like to have at least 5 buttons and a scroll wheel and it be able to work on different surfaces too. Any ideas? I've seen a bunch as cheap as £10 but unbranded on amazon and they have mixed reviews so I thought I'd come here for help first


I would personally go for Logitech G602.

Anything cheaper than that is likely to be a waste of money.

not sure how much the Logitech g602 is for you, but it really is the best gaming wireless mouse imo.

It has an extremely long battery life compared to other wireless mice. 250 hours of gaming. To give you an idea of how long competitor's is, the Razer Ouroboros has a battery life of 12 hours of gaming.

It has an excellent sensor. One of the top 4 sensors in gaming mice and i don't know of another wireless mouse that has one of the top 4 sensors.

It has quite a few extra buttons

Logitech has a 3 year warranty on their mice.

Thanks, that looks pretty good, its about £50 over here may even be able to get a second hand one for around £35 actually!

Get a good wired mouse and a lock box?

Just got my Logitech G602 - pretty much exactly what I was looking for, the button layout amongst other things are amazing.

Thanks very much for the recommendation!