Looking for new laptop

I am in the market for a new laptop. I will be running Linux on it. I would also prefer to spend less than $1000.

All-day battery life is required aka 13+hrs
OOTB Linux support
BT.5 and Wifi 6

I have been looking at ASUS Zenbooks and Vivobooks.
Dell Developer XPS13 as well but that gets expensive.
HP and Lenovo are contenders but only if the cost and battery life is good.

Here are some of the ASUS laptops I have been considering. I think that the Intel EVO models are most likely to be fully compatible?

Iā€™ve been looking into the Vivobook S14 myself since it launched. If you want anything cheaper - second hand ThinkPads on eBayā€¦ if there are any left

I donā€™t think I want a thinkpad after my T495. I paid 1600 and got a ā€œsomewhat workingā€ Linux machine. Does it boot? yes. Can it sleep or hibernate? not really. It crashes or freezes when waking. Does the backlight work? yes but you cant adjust it automatically. Does the WWAN card work? NOPE.

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