Looking for new Home Office Monitor, Suggestions?

Im currently using a Samsung 34’ 3440p with a 27’ Samsung 1440p and a 19’ Dell 1024p monitor for my home office and daily drivers, 1x Threadripper Pro machine for work and games and a MacBook M2 Max for work and casual use. and wanting to change this into either 1x Big monitor or 4x of the same HIDPI monitors. for me i want at least 165hz and 1440p minimum. anyone got any ideas?

Have been using an AOC U34G2X (34", 3440x1440 @ 144Hz, curved) for over a month now.
Is fine, not a fan of curved (which i should have checked before…)

For the price, perfectly fine.

depends on your needs a bit. got two LG DualUp Monitors and i love them to death. 4 of them would be slightly insane but also really nice. Used 2 stacked ultrawides in the past but it was just a waste of space in the end. And since my eyesight gets not better over time i can bump up the fontsize ‘grandpastyle’ and still fit a decent amount of lines on my screen.

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