Looking for new Headset and Headphones. Need help and advice

Hi guys, I am looking for 1 pair of Headset (for my brother) and 1 pair of headphones for me.

For me I am looking for something with open back and close to 100€ ( I don’t feel confident to spend more than that when my last pair was for 25€ ). I listen to everything including classical music and I don’t like overpowering bass ( if i want bass I will buy myself a subwoofer ) I like some bass but cant listen to only bass.

I have my eyes on SHP9500 but the funny part is they cost 120€ in Europe ( and I cant find them in my country so if i buy them from Germany there still will be shipping cost ) and 70$ in USA. And if I buy them from USA with the cost of shipping and taxes they will cost me less than 120€ :smile: .
I am open to all suggestions. I had shp2700 ( i believe was the model number ) for 5 years and was OK with them. I am not a Hi-Fi maniac and don’t know shit about sound but i guess I like it a bit on the neutral side.

And for my brother well he is a “Gamer” and i promised him a headset for his bday so I will deliver. Again for about 50€-75€ maybe 100€ if its that good. He wants closed back headphones with mic ( I offered to him ATH M40x but he declined because they don’t have a mic) he wants something like hyperX Cloud. I am not sure if they have any quality at all. I have read a few guides on the Hi-Fi forums and a few youtube reviews. He is gaming on a laptop so i tried to tell him he doesn’t need a mic on the headset … but he rarely listens to me anyway.

Also I have another problem with him. He is quite emotional when he dies and screams like a little baby ( yes he can be a famous streamer if he goes that way ) so to save my parents and my neighbors from him can I do something so he can reduce the intensity of his screams. I think it mainly happens because he now uses closed back headphones and cant really tell how loud he screams because his friends scream too. So do you think that buying open back headphones will help ?

Thanks for your time.

That made me :rofl: I was about to suggest a mixer with a ‘compressor’ but then I realised you meant ‘in real life’ haha… Oh boy.

I already have head phones (although more audiophile grade than gamer) but since I didn’t want to buy another pair till I can get a pair of Sennheisers that I’ve had my eye on - I grabbed an Antlion Mod Mic 5. That could be an option…

Yeah when i play with him we use Discord so i do reduce his volume from there.

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