Looking for new headphones

So recently my Gamecom 780 broke. I need a new headset. My budget is 70 Dollars CAD but I am willing to raise it to a reasonable level. I do a lot of gaming and sometimes listen to mainly punk rock or metal music.


Could you guys recommend me a decent headset for my needs?

Sennheiser HD 201... It is great choice even for 40$... Now why do i go so much under the budget? Cause it is just a headphones... No mic... Plus i don't use expensive stuff... Just can't afford it :D So i have experience about cheap stuff...

i much prefer my corsair 2100's to my gamecom 840 I found mine on sale for 85 USD maybe you can find some on sale too? The wireless factor allows me to roam free. though charging them gets annoying if you get used to the wireless factor.

I forgot to clarify but I kinda need a microphone.

I think I will pick up the Corsair Vengeance 1400. Tek Syndicate had a nice review and it looks solid.