Looking for new hard drive

my wd passport 1tb is full and im looking for a new hard drive, im not going to be taking out like that, its just going to be for my music, movies, ect



Is it an external or internal drive you are looking for?


External silly. The WD Passport is an external hard drive


I assumed if he wasn't taking it out he may go for an internal option, cheaper and well protected, not to mention faster! I'm aware that the WD passport is external, my friend uses one.


Well, if you don't care about portability at all, then I don't see why you'd need to get another external drive. Internal drives are cheaper and faster since they aren't hampered by the USB 3.0 interface. Get something like a WD Caviar Blue. A 1tb Blue drive is usually around $70 normally. But with Black Friday around the corner, you can probably pick one up for dirt cheap if you wait for sales on Newegg and stuff.

what 2.5 and 3.5 internal drives u recommend?