Looking for new GPU

So its the holiday season. Finally saved up enough to buy a new GPU. Been rocking the AMD 6870 for the past two years. I have $300 to spend on a new gpu and im thinking of switching to nvidia but whichever one is best for the $300 price range then i will go with that.



My speccy info.

I'm also thinking of getting a triple monitor setup. but if there's not graphics card in the $300-350 price range that can handle that its cool.


Looking at your specs, a 280x or a 770 would be better for around $300, but if you can wait a bit wait until the custom 290's come out because they are awesome.

Interesting article : http://www.kitguru.net/components/graphic-cards/zardon/sapphire-r9-290-tri-x-oc-review-1600p-ultra-hd-4k/

Looks pretty damn good.