Looking for new fans for my Antec Kuhler 920

Hey guys, I am looking to replace the 120mm fans on my antec 920 liquid cooler.  The stock fans work well put they are extremely loud under higher loads.  I want to get pwm fans that have good static pressure for rad usage.  Price really isnt an issue but i do need 2 for push/pull.  What are your suggestions? 

Oh btw, my case color scheme is red/black if that helps.  It doesn't really matter too much to me though.  

Mate, I would go with some Noctua NF-F12's.

If you have to have red/black then may be some Phoybia nb-eloop's.

My 2c.


Why don't you get some corsair air series sp-120s? Those fans are great and have a ton of static pressure and I could even argue that you wouldn't need to use a push/pull config. If color is an issue then you could just swap out the color ring to the red one.