Looking for new budget headphones, fun (not) with import restrictions

So, I found Tek Syndicate's videos on gaming audio and headphones, and that finally got me to stop ignoring the fact my Sony MDR XB400 headphones don't have sound as accurate as I wish (I knew from day one they have waaay too much bass).

Problem is, where I live. Argentina. Home to the most ridiculous import restrictions you'll see. Thanks to that, prices for electronics go nuts. What for 'murica is budget headphones here is l33t headphones. Also bootlegs. Bootlegs everywhere.

None of the headphones suggested in the "Gaming Headsets Suck - Make Your Own For $50 or Less" video are available where I live, or can only be found at a wallet-shattering price.

So I did some research on local stores and compiled the following list. What I'm looking for is:

  • Durability (the idea is to have the thing last at least a couple years)
  • Accurate audio. I'm no audio technician, so that's as clear as I can put "not excessive on any range" (bass/mid/treble)
  • Basically bang for my buck

The list itself:

  • Sennheiser HD407 - My favourite so far, as it's the least pricey here, they're open headphones which is a cool extra, and no glaring drawbacks I could find researching online.
  • AKG K44 - I've read audio quality is poor in comparison to similar counterparts, though "audio quality" is rather subjective on them Amazon reviews. Another drawback is the cable for the (I'll guess) right earpad goes through the headband, and on my experience, that cable WILL be the first thing to fail.
  • Audio Technica Ath-m10 - The main complaint I've seen on Amazon was its durability, so that worries me. Otherwise no "obvious" drawbacks for me.
  • Audio Technica Ath-t300 - Same as the other AT headphones, durability is its weakness (apparently).
  • Samson SR850 - It's open (or semi-open?), but lack of durability strikes again, plus the cable through the headband issue.
  • Presonus HD7 - No obvious issues I could find, aside it's the most expensive (remember, backwards retarded import laws!) on this list.

I'd appreciate it lots if you could tell me which from that list I should (or shouldn't) pick and why. Of course if for some occurrence of fate you happen to know of a good headphone model available in Argentina that won't cost me way over 1000 ARS (preferably below that number), I'm all ears.

Thanks for reading, and in advance, for any help.

inb4 the Sony MDR XB400 are outstanding headphones and I just made a fool of myself