Looking for low end headset

A quick search on Amazon reveals many cheap headsets that look very promising but with many mixed reviews. I'm looking for a comfortable headset with a good enough mic as well as sound quality. I'm looking to spend less that forty dollars if possible. If you know of a headset that does well for a low price please let me know. I'd like to hear from people that have actually used the headset itself also.

Here's a question for people with very expensive high-end headsets: is it really worth it? I dunno why anyone would want to spend over a hundred dollars when you can get very nice ones for less. Thanks for your insight.

For a cheap pair I recommend creative fatal1ty headset I guess the HS-800 since I can't seem to find the HS-1000.  The 800 has 3.5mm connector while the 1000 is usb.  I have had the 1000 for close to 5 years now and it is still going.  The only thing I would say is to just leave the mic plugged in all the time one of my friends kept taking her mic off and hers went out but mine still works fine.


Seems like a good buy to me. Thanks for your help.