Looking for LOL Team

Hey Guys,

So I'm looking for a team to play League of Legends with. If anyone is interested let me know, or if you know of a team that practices regularly which is looking for someone that would be great too.

Please and Thank you!

i would like to im not that good but im praticing against bot mostly trying to get better i ussualy play min of 3 games a day but from the 30 of june to 20 august i will not be able to play thought but yah im interested the more the merryer i know i misspelle that might bad anyway my user name is newuselessness if you want to add me everyone is in this forum is welcome to add me in lol

What level of play are we talking about? I used to play pretty well, around the 1500-1600 elo, but I haven't been seriously playing for some time. I'd have to get some serious practice in to be able to reach where I was before.

Feel free to add me: ghettohamster36

North American server.

I won't be on for a while though.

Thanks guys, It would be great to play with you, Im only new to Lol so dont expect too much from me (been playing for about 2 months or so now) so not dont worrie about being pro or not. Ill add you guys.

im only level 22 at the moment, havent even started ranked yet (only just learnt what adc meant 2 weeks ago) so dont worry about being out of practice.

best alistar support na. lol jk im pretty good alstar support. whats your summoner name? 

hey mate summoner name is Mellohplays, see you on lol.