Looking for LGA 775 Motherboard

Okay so a buddy of mine has been wanting to fix his desktop for the longest time and had purchased this desktop model a while back LINK

I was wondering if anyone has an old motherboard laying around that is in working condition so he can drop the Core 2 Duo E5400 into it. 

A motherboard with DDR3 support with 4 DIMM slots in a Micro ATX form factor would be much appreciated. He really does not have the money at all to purchase  a new CPU and motherboard.

Do you guys think that this is a viable solution or should he try to save up some money to get a more current cpu/motherboard?

On the one hand if he doesn't need a better pc i would suggest to keep looking for a socket 775 motherboard and get him a SSD.  What does he do with his pc?

He usually plays pretty casual games at 1680x1050 which is more than enough for him. He just needs a new motherboard. Not sure about the ones on eBay. Somewhat sketchy.

Here's a link to one (matx too). http://www.ebay.com/itm/Placa-base-mATX-G41-MSI-G41M-P33-Combo-ddr2-ddr3-Socket-775-con-accesorios-/271450548760?pt=ES_Inform%C3%A1tica_y_tablets&hash=item3f33b6aa18

I have bought from the seller before and he is a nice guy. Fast communication too. If you don't live in Europe i don't really know any sellers.