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Looking for latest hpe pl380 gen9 driver

Howdy !
Look who just spook the hell out of me !

I’m an homelaber with a HPE gen9 pl380 that i got from ebay. I fixed it up and it was working well for 2y.

But today without any warning the server went offline, fan screaming, red blinking light. Ilo told me my smart-array just went haywire.
I went for the good old “unplug and press the power button for 30sec” and aside of a warning about the issue when the server booted, all green.

Happily nothing had been lost, but it could use a driver update… Sadly “update” are behind a paywall, one so expensive no homelab could afford.

I was wondering if anyone had driver from there own dl380 more recent than mine and be willing to share. HPE did get there software money from the original buyer, but they don’t care about that :frowning:

If this is considered by the mod to be “request for illegal software”, i’m sorry and please delete the post, But i believe in good faith that is isn’t …

Thank’s !

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I just created an account, and looks like you might (maybe) be able to navigate to the support pages and get the firmware’s?

I don’t have a HP device, so don;t know for sure.

Just create an account and see how you get on?

older systems, like Gen8 might not have files available

The software is indeed tied to a valid service contract, a free account wont get you there.

However, there’s a Russian tech forum with links to an Iranian server with seemingly valid firmware files on it (md5 checks out). I think that’s all I can say without breaking the rules here.

Google is your friend on this quest. You want the service pack for Proliant.

This will have all firmware and drivers for everything in generation 9, 10 and 10+ … It is bootable for an offline update or run from windows/Linux for a better experience.


Oh you can update ILO for free and you definitely want to. 2.64 I believe brings the new html5 based interface, a huge improvement over older versions.

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Yeah, I saw a couple of files and presumed the basics would be covered.
My bad