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Looking for laptop with a good screen, warm colors, clarity, readability

As the title says.

Sites like Lenovo, HP, other manufacturers, or webshops, usually have a lot of choices in terms of resolution, refresh rate, etc…

But not much on image quality. Color spectrum. The warmth of colors. Etc…

I decided to look for a coding laptop recent, and apart from performance, I feel comfort, something easy to work with and something nice and calm to look at, is just as important.

In fact, with modern performance, I don’t really mind waiting 10 seconds longer for a compile, if it means I don’t need to stop looking at the screen every 10 minutes.

I might be exaggerating, but still… how does one look for this?

You should be able to adjust that yourself in the graphics settings.

Go to Settings > System > Display
Turn night light on and adjust the warmth, you even set a schedule for it if you want it on at certain times of the day.

AMD has a color temp slider in the display settings. I am sure Nvidia and Intel have something similar.

If Windows has that option too, I don’t see it.

What I did to significantly lower the eye strain from looking at a screen for many hours a day is keep the Windows 10 night light always on with enough warmth (nightshift if you’re on Linux) and adjust the screen brightness to make it as close as possible to the light around room.
But I think that in the next future I’ll just buy a pair of glasses that filter the blue light.

Supposedly yellow tinted light is the least straining colour for eyes. For instance, driving at night with yellow glasses, improves focus considerably, getting blinded by approaching cars isn’t much of a bother. Once or twice a year, we drive around 3000km to visit the in-laws, after using the glasses at night, I get less tired.

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