Looking for KVM over IP

So as the title say, I have 4 locations at each location 3 to 4 servers... Most of them are custom built, Some Have IPMI like the NAS based on ASRock Intel Avoton C2750 but after firmware update the console never works now.
I also have an Hp server but there IPMI is subscription based and I rather not pay that.
So few weeks ago I asked @wendell about this on Twitter and he said this:

@alziadi87 avocent works well but is commercial, and expensive. epiphan has a neat little one port solution that is quite slick. How many machines?

— wendell ( @tekwendell ) April 14, 2017

I looked into his recommendations avocent switches looks nice but I still don't understand how I'm I supposed to hook VGA + Mouse/keyboard cable to the Rj45 port that's on the avocent switch (Sorry noob question) I worked with VGA kvm switches but never a network on.
Also he said epiphan but I couldn't find anything thats connect to the network from their products maybe I'm blind.

I stumbled on this in my search Raritan Dominion KX II-101 V2 - KVM switch and it only have a single horrible review...

So I'm looking for almost IPMI capability as in full remote console, remote USB/DVD/iso mount and view/edit bios/UEFI settings over IP through a browser or a software but browser preferred.

So what do you guys suggest?

What you're looking for is a virtual kvm. I've got a suggestion but can't find the email now so I'll get it to you tomorrow.

you get a bunch of those. its cat5/6 cabling, but not ethernet that is traveling over the wire. you need these usb + vga adapters to plug into the kvm, then the kvm makes it ip and goes from there

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