Looking for inputs for AIO CPU coolers

I’m in the process of upgrading my CPU cooling in my case. I’ll be getting an AIO cooler likely a 240 or 280. I have a few questions and would like a bit of feed back.

How much of a different would 120 vs 140 be for 240 or 280 offer?

Will existing water coolers work with the newer Intel Socket 1200? Looking to get the i7-10700K (I understand benchmarks aren’t out for this CPU so just use the 9900K as a reference).

I don’t mind RGB but it isn’t required, that stated I rather everything be controlled by my motherboard for RGB and fan speed.

I’d like to do light overclocking with the CPU, nothing extreme.

I know someone will likely post wanting to provide a cheaper air cooler but I want an AIO because aesthetically it looks cleaner.

I’m currently looking at something like this Fractal Design Celsius Plus S28 or the EVGA CLC 240 AIO. Does anyone have any other good recommendations?

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