Looking for Inexpensive Case(s)

I'm wondering if anyone has a good source for used cases, online with minimal shipping preferably.

Naturally, I'm well and truly aware of eBay, so no need to suggest that.

You could try newegg.com

I'm aware of Newegg, not really what I'm hoping for. Actually, when I buy new parts, Newegg is my first choice. I've been very well treated by their customer service in the past.

Find a case you like and look it up on [amazon][2] and see if their is an option to be a used one. Shipping might kill the price savings though.

Shipping usually does, that's why I'm asking about. :P

If ya want an Inexpensive case that is from the M-ATX form factor look at the Cougar Spike and dam this thing is worth the money for it.

That good? I haven't had good luck with inexpensive new cases

its a dam good case even for my standards and im a cheap guy. go look up on hardware cancuks on the review on that case

Looked up the video. Not going to work for my primary rig(s), but I might have uses for it in future.

Three major problems with it, for me:

  • Top mount PSU. My current case has this. Never. Again.
  • Drive cages too close to RAM. That could get nasty.
  • 3x3.5" + 1x2.5" bay drives is less than I'd like. Just one more 2.5" mount would make me much happier.

In that case (no pun intended) you might like to check out the Thermaltake Core v21 ... I think it costs about the $50 mark ... can carry m-ITX and m-ATX with ease, either flat mounted or vertically ... bottom mounted PSU and drive cage when horizontally mounted ... either way, there is a ton of room inside as it's designed to accommodate liquid cooling or a ton of fans ...

I'm currently using one and couldn't be happier ...

Thanks, I'll give it a look, @invisitatus