Looking for Ideas/Inpiration for WebGL application

Hey there, I want to build a little Unity webGL project for the lols and a new portfolio piece. I’ve been drawing a blank for a while now so I wanna plug into the l1t collective.

I don’t want to make it a game, I wanna pitch myself to corps currently using preRendered stuff and whatnot to show them the light of realtime and sell myself as their new techStack jesus :smiley: one can dream. but until then I’m bored and wanna just build something cool.

I think this thing is pretty cool: https://www.heroforge.com/ but I don’t wanna go and just rip their idea.

If you got some fun ideas don’t scale for difficulty, I’m pretty good at macguyvering my way around.

Re-create blender in the browser? Also definitely checkout stackgl/shader-school: A workshopper for GLSL shaders and graphics programming (github.com)

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Hmm, dcc in the browser?! Sure why not, I’ll give it a whirl.

this might help

maybe something with a floaty timeline

Not sure what a floaty timeline is but there might indeed be a timeline later on.

Looks like it’s not so far fetched to build a dcc tool for the browser :smiley:


Been playing with the idea a bit more and I’m gonna follow it for a wee bit longer. Dunno if I’m gonna implement poly modeling but general primitives and components for sure.

I was never really happy with the Unity Editor so now I’m gonna build Unity Studio, an Editor that’s more like the CE Sandbox or Max.
Might also build a command panel and alernative scene view for the unity editor itself so i can get rid of the hierarchy and project panels, making it more like the Sandbox. More artist friendly…

edit: https://youtu.be/bkX1iNUq6Jw almost forgot to attach that.

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That looks great. What does the tech stack under the hood look like for your implementation?

Oh there’s no big tech stack to speak off, it’s just good old unity3d i used to build this :slight_smile: