Looking for help sharing PC ressources to communities

Hello everyone!

I have managed to get a pretty powerful PC on the 2nd hand market. Though sadly the manufacturer stated that they won’t support their builds anymore. But that will do for me I guess.

It’s specs are:

Asus ProArt X570-Creator WIFI
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
Quadro RTX 4000
64GB, DDR4-3200

I mostly got it to process some 3D scan data for which I really didn’t have a suitable PC around. I’m not really capable of using this hardware to it’s full potential and am looking for software solutions to use it more as a kind of server hoping to donate the processing power to support others projects without needing to do a lot of manual intervention to get others projects going.

I only intend to RDP into a Windows VM on it to do my work since I’m running Arch and the software I need the power for isn’t available for Linux. But given the Quadro in there it may could be possible to do a vGPU setup?

I know my way around KVM/QEMU and Linux but so far I’ve only done PCIe pass through.

After processing I only have occational jobs for it with maybe the occasional Windows VM use of the previous owner. I think it should be ok workload wise if I could dual boot from/to a shared with $community mode. But I’m open for other suggestions as long as it can stay a bit of a side project.


  • Maesto