Looking for Headphones under £200

I've finally made the decision to commit to buying a nice pair of headphones. I am looking for something under £200, but something a tad over can be considered if they are superb. I am not looking for a headset, I have a mic I use for teamspeak when I do occasionally need it. In terms of music, its extremely varied. I listen to a lot of heavy rock and some metal, bands like Zeppelin, QotSA, White Stripes, Extreme, Lamb Of God, Pantera. But at the same time I am seriously into dance music, I like a lot of house and nu/indie disco. I am somewhat more of an audio purist, so i don't like stuff that is "XtraBass" or something with a similar tag line.

I have a big AMP, its a Denon, but it is in my house right now so I can't see its model (at dads for Christmas). So powering a big pair of headphones should be no issue. If they work on my Laptop and iPhone too, that's a benefit. My iPhone isn't so important because I don't like the idea of walking round the city i live in with £200 on my skull. 

I am in the UK, so just be sure of this when looking at prices.


I am looking at what Logan currently uses: The Beyerdynamic DT 880 250 Ohm which retail at £189. But I have also seem the AKG K550s, which seem like something I could go for, but aren't quite as good.

Any recommendations? 

I just got a pair of CHC Silverados and I love them... they have the perfect amount of bass for me (some but not overkill) and a fantastic sound stage... I have a very wide taste when it comes to music also and have loved them with everything from deadmau5 to all that remains... however I've also found they are fantastic for bands like Quiet Riot, Megadeth, and Motley Crue...

I could keep listing various genres, artists, and bands that I find them good for but I think you get my point that I like them for pretty much everything...

With all of that said, they have been reviewed by others as fantastic rock headphones and are only priced @ 99$ on amazon... so something to consider...


I ordered myself a pair of DT-880s and will be getting them this coming Tuesday. If you can wait until a few days after that, I can post you some feedback on how they sound. I'm definitely excited.

The DT-880s are supposed to have a relatively neutral sound stage, with emphasized treble. I think Logan mentioned in a video they were awesome for metal. And depending on the type of electronic music you listen to, it should sound great as well. They won't be perfect for shit like Dubstep if you listen to that noise, but well-made house, melodic trance, or down tempo is probably going to sound great on them.

But yeah, if you can hold off until I break my pair in a little, I can definitely give you some good feedback. I listen to similar music as you, so I think I'd be a decent source.