Looking for Headphone suggestion

Trying to replace my horrid afterglow headset. It worked fine when I was a console gamer, but it is quite useless in terms of audio quality, microphone quality, as well as pc support that leaves me with an irritating background buzz when being used.


Price range of 120 usd or less, used is fine.

Open, with very good mids, treble, and decent bass.


I do not like overamplified or boosted bass as I prefer being able to listen to different music and enjoy games. I actually listen to classical and instrumentals, just as much as I listen to rock, rap and even other genres. So I am not entirely sure what I will need in the frequency curve to manage this. I honestly am fine with focusing on classical and gaming, as my current desktop speakers are still decent for most applications.


I already purchased an antlion modmic 4.0, so I just need a decent headset to go with it. Any suggestions on headsets, or even stores to buy from?

My personal recommendations below, although you may find some better headphones for the money with more research.

Audio-Technica ATH-M30x ($69)


Audio-Technica ATH-M50S ($130)


Are you set on open backed?

I keep hearing that open is better, since it gives you a better soundstage, but I'm equally open to suggestions.


I have nothing I need to noise cancel, and I'm not using this for audio or music creation, so I think I should follow the open headphone route.



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There are pros and cons to both opened and closed. For the price range though, there aren't that many options for opened. I would look at the HM5, or a clone of it (link below). There aren't that many good opened options around $100. You are basically limited to something from Grado, Sennheiser, or Superlux for opened in that price range as far as I know. Overall, I think that the linked headphones are a better option. Read some reviews and get an idea of the sound signature and see what fits your needs and wants.



I would recommend to look for ATH-AD900x on sale or used, usually there is some good deals like there now for 114$ ATH-AD900x The mids and trebles are very good, but the bass is a little underpowered but not much. Still I love these and for classical music they will be PERFECT.

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I like how the change in forums hijacked my original post...

If I change the pricepoint to 200 or less, with used still as an option, what suggestions would you give?

This I think would open a few of the hifiman ones, as well as:

My issue is actually what brand or style works best for my interest in good sound across the range, treble, highs, mids and bass, etc. Again I do listen to classical as well. One other note is comfort, since I wear glasses; so if an alternate or replacement cushion is needed, go ahead with the suggestion.

I think I might buy the ATH-AD900x or Hifiman HE 400 and would like to hear the pros and cons between, or suggestions otherwise.

I'd hit those AKG ones. You are getting $600+ for only 200

Problem is, they seem to have a bass increase. The ath-ad900x win out in price for what I'm looking for and the hifiman he-400 seem to be the old 400usd headphones with great audio and soundstage with good drivers.

Just cause they say retail for the akg are 600 is a misnomer, as companies change the value easily. Just look on amazon at ssd prices and their msrp when on sale. You will notice it doesn't match up. When new headphones come out, the previous gen's price drop to some degree. So price is an issue of affordability, not necessarily quality; especially so for higher end equipment.

Edit: ended up buying the ath, was reading reviews and found that even though the hifiman sounds amazing, the treble and highs are a touch recessed. So they would be amazing for an overall headphone, but I'll get what I'm looking for immediately with the ath.

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For the price range you're looking at, my recommendation is the HD-5X8 series from Sennheiser. I wouldn't say that the HE-400 would be ideal for you if you're looking for relatively neutral, recessed bass. The HE-400's are known for being pretty dark, and the treble just doesn't shine like it does on my 558's.

I definitely love both pairs, but for what you're after, I wouldn't recommend the HE-400's.

Also, from what I hear, those AKG K7XX headphones sound like an amazing deal, and I hope I can grab a pair soon.

I like closed back so take this how you want but I have a pair of California Headphone Company Silverados. Intact I am using them.right now and I love them a lot. I actually talk about them too much something I think.

But they are closed, serioursly closed, like made of metal. And I like that as I like to shrink off to my own world even when surrounded by people. Like in the staff room or a crowded city. That is why I like closed.

The CHCs are verging on just unbelievably comfortable. And I like the sound. Not over muddy or loose at all and great bass but that comes with closed headphones.

Currently I am.listening to lots of Hip-Hop, Rap and Tons of EDM. But I also listen to metal, country and pop along with any other genre you can mention. And for the money, about $80, I have not used anything I have liked so much.

Maybe a little above your $120 price range but I just pick up a set of Munitio Pro 30's on Kickstarter. Munitio's are nice and recently have a kickstart for the new Pro 30's. Their set of earbud "The Nine's" and over the ear "Pro 40's" have been around and get good reviews. With the kickstarter you can get their headphones at a huge discount. I also plan on using them with the Modmic 4.0.
Website : http://www.munitio.com/
Campaign link here : http://goo.gl/Gy24fx

Alright, at $200, something that will do well with rap and classical is a bit lofty of a goal. That said, given that you don't want increased bass response (which is what is considered good for things like rap and edm, etc), and listen to a lot of classical, I would say that something AKG is the way to go. I am not too familiar with the sound of the K7xx as reviews are still rather scarce, however at $200, you can also get the Q701. That is what I think would be the best bet for you if you want an open set. If you want closed, I would say the HP100 (or HP150 as they sound the same). Both of those do most genres very well. The HP100 has more subbass response as it is closed, and the Q701 has a larger sound stage, which would be nice for large, orchestral work. Both are very detailed, which is good for classical. The Q701 has really nice mids, which is good for vocals. Both have very clear highs and very controlled bass. Have a look into those. I think that either of those would suit you better than anything in the price range from Sennheiser of Hifiman.

I use the Sennheiser HD 598's but are a little over budget for you. However you can get the Sennheiser HD 558's which sound exactly the same for $110. You can improve the sound a little more by taking out the inserts inside the ear cups. They are very open so have a large sound stage which is great for awareness. The sound is also very balanced which to some people means weak bass.

Sennheiser HD 588's amazon link
Sennheiser foam mod