Looking for guidance/direction in purchasing wall mounted enclosure for network gear

I want to store a small network switch, small router, a hard drive, UPS, Raspberry pi, and maybe various other (mostly small) network related components in the office, so that everything looks tidier, and is also safer from theft.

What would be the recommended way of doing this?

Wall-mounted PC case (stripped of any internals)?
A wall mounted safe (drilled for cables)?

I don’t want to go with ‘Enterprise’ gear which is ridiculously expensive, bcuz I don’t need the standardized Units. Basically, I want a wall mounted ‘shelf’ that can breathe a bit, and also keeping the internals somewhat safe/locked.

To give you an idea, I would like something like below, with more space and ideally tougher:


If you think you can recommend something different, please do

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