Looking for Gothic Metal bands and others in related genres

So I'm looking for more gothic metal. I love the dark atmosphere and the deep, romanticized lyrical themes. I'm particularly looking for stuff similar to Theatre of Tragedy's earlier works (anything from the album Aegis and earlier), such as “Cassandra”, “Black As The Devil Painteth”, “Bring Forth Ye Shadow”, and “To These Words I Beheld No Tongue”


However, more interestingly, after hearing ToT's cover of Joy Division's “Decades” (I preferred the cover), I would also be interested in anything that could be considered “Dark Wave”, especially being a huge fan of '80s synth-pop.

Prior to discovering Theatre of Tragedy, I was totally infatuated with Cradle of Filth's Midian album, especially the songs “Saffron's Curse,” and, of course, “Her Ghost in the Fog”. CoF was kinda my intro to Gothic metal.

So to sum up, I'm looking for bands similar to Theatre of Tragedy's earlier works, and possibly exploring related genres, such as gothic rock, dark wave, and Ethereal (according to Wiki). I would especially appreciate album recommendations, but specific songs, or bands would also be appreciated.

Well I think cradle got more gothic over time, my personally favorite album is the 13 track 'ep' called bitter suites to sucubi, has a bigger black metal influence but is still pretty gothic. Only other bands I know would be Evanesence but that's kind of pop like, and Motionless in White who are also very gothic.

I mainly threw Cradle of Filth in there to show where I was coming from, and how my taste had evolved. I think CoF is just too extreme, even for black metal, and I say that as an Amon Amarth fan. My all time favorite CoF track is "A Gothic Romance (Red Roses for The Devil's Whore)", and is still one of my favorite tracks overall. Bitter Suites to Succubi came out the year after Midian, so I wouldn't be surprised if they had similar sounds. My favorite track from that album (not that I checked it in depth) is No Time To Cry, and I just discovered that it is a cover, and I actually prefer the original by The Sisters of Mercy. I haven't heard of them before, but they are apparently one of those dark wave bands I've read about.


I have more "pop"-ish spectrum covered by Within Temptation, and Sirenia, as well as a few other bands that tend to the blur the line between gothic and symphonic metal. I think Evanesence is played to death and way over-hyped. Within Temptation's older music is just much better executed, and Sharon den Adel is undoubtedly more talented as a singer. Plus the lyrics are a less generic. I will say Evanesence does have better music videos...


Heres a few of my Personal Favorites in no Particular order.

So Frail - Mirrorthrone (THE MINDFUCK When I Found out this is a One-Man-Band)


Trinity Fields - Deathstars


Cain - Tiamat (DAT Vampire the Masquerades - Bloodlines For ya)


Bathory Aria - Cradle of Filth

sidenote for anyone who is new to cradle:

I have been a long time fan of cradle i will honestly say they started to fall off after the Damnation and a Day album, However I feel they have gotten their Mojo back a little. everyone is crying for "WHERE THE FUCK IS THE DUSK AND HER EMBRACE SOUND?" I feel the closest we've ever gotten was Darkly Darkly Venus Aversa in terms of that Dusk Sound. and the Manticore is not that bad its okay. its a slow progression but they are getting good again. (the best song imo being "Succumb to this" on the Manticore album. also i will admit it. Dani needs to STAHP IT with the fucking singing. he needs to stick to the screaming and growling, if he can even do it anymore lol


Luna - Moonspell


The Prize of Beauty - My Dying Bride


When Love and Death Embrace - HIM


Stigmata - Omega Lithium


Blue - The Birthday Massacre




and Katatonia count?



bad quality but may better fit the subject:


Here's some pretty interesting Darkwave from the main musician form Anaal Nathrakh.  It has Krystoffer Rygg from Ulver on vocals for this song.



You also can't go wrong with some Paradise Lost, although their older stuff is heavier than this.


Then there is Epica, who may be more of a progressive symphonic metal band, but they kind of fall on the gothic side of that spectrum.