Looking for good long term computer case?

So im currently looking at replacing my computer case (antec 300 illusion) and getting one that would be great for longer term use and having system after system put in to it over the years. my budget is pretty much anything under or around $250 and i want it to be at least a atx full tower case

Some cases im currently looking at include:

Corsair 800D

Rosewill Blackhawk

Cooler Master HAF X

Antec DF-85

Thermaltake Chaser


Add ins:

- I would also like it to not have a built in fan controller, i would rather have one in one of the 5.25 bays

- lighting scheme doesnt really matter much to me since i plan to switch out the fans sooner or later either way

This is just me, but for long term upgrade. I would get a case with wire managment, 8 expansion slots and ports to run water cooling. I have a Inwin Ironclad and it has no wire managment(didnt think about that when bought). I would go with the Rosewill Blackhawk, looks good and has alot of features and room to expand

Almost any case in that price range is going to be boss. You have to go by the design of the thing.

You should look for something that can mount a 280mm radiator like the Kraken X60...

can't really get more future proof than 10 hdd bays, and compatibility with almost any motherboard you'll ever need.... blackhawk.

chaser has really wierd styling, they got like baby blue stripes on it, and ya goota buy a bunch of fans for it.....



or a 400mm......

the 800D can hold a 360mm rad i think (insert maniac laugh)

currenty leaning most to the 800d i like its sleek design and i could probly self contain a nice water loop

If you really wanted a boss computer case where money is no object I would go with a CASELABS case.  Other than that I would advise the HAF X first most and then the 800D. The HAF X has great airflow which the 800D doesn't, but the 800D has more drive bays than the HAF X.

Seems like you're after something large. I don't mean to try and make you change your mind by suggesting another case, but this has been my experience. I recently bought the BitFenix Shinobi XL and so far I'm loving it. Nothing I'd change on it. 9 expansion slots, 7 internal HDD bays and 5 5.25" bays. Also, it's XL-ATX compatible if that ever tickles your fancy. I personally like the styling (kinda minimalistic) and the cable management options are excellent.

Have you looked at anything from silverstone ? or as stated above bitfenix ? Maybe even the Define XL from fractal ? depends on what you anticipate doing

The 800D is a pretty terrible case just because it has no airflow at all. You can run a triple radiator in the top, but you can also do the same in a HAF X.

I would recommend also looking at the NZXT Switch 810 and Cooler Master Storm Stryker.

Get Caselabs if you never want to replace it again. Or get a higher end silverstone or Lian Li.

I have a Temjin Tj11 and its expensive, but it will be the only case I own for a few builds. Its worth investing in quality.

I quite like the next NZXT phantom, Its big, has a built in fan controller, a window, removable hdd bays and a adjustable colour scheme