Looking for good animes!

Seems like a good site..I did a couple of quick searches to test their library..This are some they don't have  Battle Programmer Shirase,Appleseed Ex Mechina, Examurai Sengoku,Gunsmith Cats,Bus Gamer,Dogs: Bullets & Carnage,MechinaComputer Kakumei: Saikyou x Saisoku no Zunou Tanjou, also Twilight of the Dark Master but that is ok..Their is not a anime stream site that does(have twilight of the dark master) or that I have found, but someone finally uploaded it to youtube the beginning of this year..Their moive collection is very lacking and their main search function can only hold 20 characters, but you can go to advance search and their is no limit..

It may sound like I am tearing this site apart but I am not..I have seen way worse..This is getting added to my bookmarks which is a great honor..lol..really my bookmark list is so long (takes 20sec for it to scroll from top to bottom) because I can't remember stuff..It is all organized into files..Shit, rambling again their is only 2 anime stream sites bookmarked in my bookmarks and one is shut down..So what I am saying it get to be number 2 by default..This site is not to bad considering it is only 362 days old it will probably be great in a few years..

Some good suggestions, and a few pointless ones. Dunno why anyone is suggesting anything like Madoka Magika and Accel World. Totally not what this dude wants.

I'll give you my personal suggestions since you seem to like the same type of shows that I do (namely Berserk, which is my #1 favorite).


Darker than Black is a really good show, with two seasons plus a short OVA that bridges them together; all dubbed (well). It's definitely meant for a mature audience.

Blue Gender is another great show. It's a bit dated, but definitely worth a watch if you aren't bothered by the older style of animation and you like giant bug monsters and mechs; and can handle a little bit of romance. Honestly, I think it adds a nice touch. In my opinion, this show deserves a full remake with modern animation. It's just good.

Baccano is another favorite of mine. It lacks that dark theme you seem to like, but It certainly has plenty of violence. It's more of a comedy-action than anything, but I think it really tends to appeal to any anime watcher out there. The way it ties things together in the story is pretty neat, too.

Hellsing Ultimate is simply fantastic. It's extremely violent, and definitely redeems the vampire theme. There's only 10 episodes, but they're all nearly an hour long each. I highly recommend this show. You're bound to enjoy it.

Ghost in the Shell in general is just awesome. It's a cyber-punk, neotokyo style series built on conspiracies and some philosophical debate. There's a couple of movies, plus a remake of the original film. Then there's the TV series Stand Alone Complex, which I definitely recommend watching. I believe they also made movie adaptations of the TV series if you find the pacing of the TV series to be too slow because, believe me, it's definitely slow at times. But if you like your shows to have a lot of depth, then you'll love Stand Alone Complex. It's not for everyone though, so don't feel bad if you end up not liking it.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I'll start off by saying that this show isn't dark and full of gore and cursing and anti-heroic main characters and stuff. In short, it's nothing like Berserk or Darker than Black. But then again, this show is like no other. It's almost impossible to not recommend this show to anyone who watches anime. Simply because it's one of a kind, and I think literally anyone can enjoy it. I don't think any other show can compare to it. The sheer amount of epic scale this show achieves towards its end is just mind boggling. Just...give it the benefit of a doubt at the very least. It has tons of action, it's funny, it's bad ass, it's even painfully cheesy at times (which is more tongue-in-cheek than anything), but by god is it epic.

Ergo Proxy. Another personal favorite of mine which I'm very surprised hasn't been mentioned yet. Now, this show is extremely slow and can be very confusing on top of that since it has heavy psychological themes. But it's rather dark and definitely has its fair share of violence. Nothing completely over the top, but enough to set a mature theme. A good show to really rack your brain with to try and understand what's going on. And again, simply one of a kind.

Claymore is one show I love and hate. I love the dark fantasy theme it boasts, and the action is good too. But oh my GOD do I hate Raki. If there was ever an extremely annoying, cry-baby main character, it would be Raki. Not even Renton from Eureka Seven was as annoying as Raki. At least Renton actually mans up towards the end. Near the end of Claymore, Raki is sitting in a piss-soaked coward corner crying like a little girl. Oddly enough, they vaguely resemble each other; all that really separates them is the different art styles. But I digress, if you can look past Raki's shenanigans, you'll probably enjoy Claymore a lot. It's a shame they didn't continue the show...I think I remember someone telling me Raki actually mans up later on in the manga and actually starts cracking some skulls.


Well, that's all I have for now. Sorry if my post was gigantic. I figured I'd give you some insight on my recommendations.

Dude you have some good taste..If you are looking for more anime like that check my list HERE..It is not completed I try to add some everyday, I think I have made it through the H's and everything after that is from memory, and it is hard to recall 15+ years of anime viewing..So my genres did not change they expanded.. But feel free to did through it..

Edit: fixed my link and completed my list best of my recollection and still forgot a lot of them..

I use this site and they have lots and lots... streaming only tho, well afaik... most of the videos have plenty of mirrors... so its hard to find a dead shows... and you can use the "good" players... (yeah.. screw you veevr and dailymotion... >.< Hello AUEngine)....

The only downside to the show is that you hafta know the Japanese name of the show if you are looking for a particular one... e.g Instead of it being listed under "Blue Exorcist", it's listed under "Ao no Exorcist" 

And out of the ones you listed the only one it doesn't have is the "Twilight of the Dark Master" but you said that one was hard to find anyways... 

Do I see Golden Boy on there? Hell yes. Love that show.

Holy Shit Nbay Great concise list! I have watched through Darker than black including the OVA's very good series.

I just finished up Monster and the ending left me pretty pissed. Kenzo never did say the true names of Anna (Nina) and Johan! I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the friggin names! Damn Him!

Also It seems Johan has escaped from his hospital room after waking from his coma. There better be a sequel in the works to tie up the loose ends or I'm gonna go insane myself!

I've been hearing great things about Monster, it's a very adult serious no crap or comedy mystery thriller, maybe not a ton of blood and gore (Hellsing does that the best and it's amazing!) but might be something you'd enjoy.

I never stop to recommend Sword Art Online. Excellent stuff.

I just posted in a similar thread that's running here but your tastes on on a little different direction than the other thread so I'm going to recommend Zombie Loan again but also Monster and Ergo Proxy.