Looking for Gaming headset for PC/Console

Hi Everyone ! Looking for some Advice on purchasing a new Gaming headset to replace my Broken G35. I Recently got a PS4 for the few exclusives it's gonna have and id like to have a headset that could work on my PC/PS4/360 Apparently the Astro A40/50 are the only things that will do this as far as i could find Does anyone have any input regarding this ??

I'm not sure if going with the an all in one solution would be the best choice or just buying dedicated headsets for my PC and console seperatly


Again Any Input or suggestions would be Greatly appreciated

Have you watched all the headset vids Logan has done? there quite helpful 

Cant the ps4 use any regular 3.5 headset by plugging it into the controller?


I recommend Siberia V2s for PC.

A headset is not going to work for all three, since the 360 has a smaller jack than the other two (2.5mm over 3.5mm for PC and PS4). Your best bet would be to get a headset for the PC and get an adapter for the 360. Whatever headset you get, as long as it's not targeted specifically at a console, will need a split headphone/mic to 3.5mm headset adapter. Just make sure to get a headset that has a split connector.