Looking for Gaming Build (CDN$)

Hello everyone, I come to you hoping that you can help me pick parts for a gaming PC. I have a strict $700 budget but I know that at least $100 of that is going into the OS, so I effectively have a $600 budget for the actual components.

A problem I have is that I don't know if the Canadian site for PC Part Picker calculates taxes into the estimated total prices. It would suck if I pick components that I think I can afford only to be swamped by taxes later and the total price goes over $700. Also, if you're going to include items that qualify for mail-in rebate, please make sure that you calculate for the original price and not the discounted MIR price.

Thank you to anyone willing to work under these parameters! =P

General Info

  • How much are you willing to spend? $700
  • Where do you live and what currency do you use? Canada, Canadian Dollar
  • Do you have a preferred retailer? No
  • Do you need or already have peripherals? I already own peripherals
  • What will you be using your future computer for? Gaming and media
  • Do you overclock or want to get into overclocking? No
  • Do you plan on going for custom water cooling? No
  • Do you need a new operating system? Yes
  • Do you plan on Mining BTC either for yourself or Tek Syndicate? No
Gaming Info
  • What kind of settings do you like or what FPS do you want to play at? My main goal is to be able to play WoW on consistent 60+ FPS on ultra settings, but I would also like to play modern games at good framerates and I don't mind lowering graphics settings in order to achieve that
  • What resolution will you be playing at? 1080p
  • What kind of games do you like to play? MMORPGs, RPGs, Strategy, Open World
  • What specific games will you be playing? WoW mainly, but I also want to be able to play newer games as well

Partpicker just shows the price as displayed by the  shops, so i think youd have to add taxes.

http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/1A26Y 60 under budged (700 without MIR), i dont know how crazy your taxes are but that might cover it. Should do ultra 1080p 4x aa at pretty much 60 all the time in MoP if you oc the gpu. It comes with 2 free AAA titles btw.

Thanks for the build. Yeah, taxes are pretty crazy here and it's just such a hassle compensating for it when picking components. I'm kind of debating this pre-made I found on Craigslist for a flat $700.

  • Intel Core i5 2400 Quad Core LGA1155 3.1GHz
  • 8GB RAM (2 x 4GB) -- Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600
  • Powercolor Radeon HD 6850 775MHZ 1GB 4.0GHZ GDDR5 2XDVI DisplayPort HDMI PCI-E
  • Gigabyte H67M-D2-B3
  • 750GB SATA3 6GB/S HDD
  • Corsair Builder Series 500W ATX Power Supply with 120MM Fan
  • Antec 600 Mid Tower Gaming Case

Is this good for the price or can I build something better with my budget?

That is quite similar to the build i posted, but the gpu is considerably worse (WoW more on like 30-40 fps 1080p ultra instead of 60) while the case is bigger and of a little better quality (if you care about that). Does the 700 include a copy of windows ?.

Edit: seems like the taxes in canada are around 13 % depending on where you live, not interely bad considering i have to pay 19 % in germany ( its always included though). Apperently you already have a pc, maybe you could use its dvd drive or itss hdd for your new build.


Alright. I think I'll go with your build since the GPU is better. I have to ask though, how does the MIR work exactly? Is the price actually $699 or $639?

EDIT Under compatibility notes, this shows up:

  • Gigabyte GA-970A-D3P ATX AM3+/AM3 Motherboard has an onboard USB 3.0 header, but the BitFenix Merc Beta (Black) ATX Mid Tower Case does not have front panel USB 3.0 ports."

Should I just ignore that?

Also, I plan on replacing the 1TB HDD with this. Dumb question - I'm completely not tech savvy, but would any compatibility issues arise?

Check out some of the builds in the first page of this challenge . Should give you some ideas


save up another hundred bucks = big boost in performance

Those builds are for the usa, stuff is a bit cheaper there...

MIR works that way: You pay the full price and get a coupon wiith your item. You fill it out and send it to the manufacturer or whoever is specified on it, you will recieve the specified amount of moneyseveral weeks later.

The 500gb hdd would work, you can ignore the usb 3.0 message ( except if you want front panel  usb 3.0, there are 2 in the back though)

Here is a modified partlist without the MIR (except for the PSU which would be my choice even without it) and without a harddrive


The taxing in Canada seems pretty complex http://dandelionwebdesign.com/canadian-taxes/

If you live in an area with only 5 % tax you might be able to get a 7870 instead of the 7850 2gb.

I'm going to go with this build + the Seagate 1TB from the previous build when I get my pay tomorrow. Thank you for all your help!