Looking for Gamers. (EU)

Hello there. Me and my buddy are looking for buncha people, to form sort of a group of gamers that just simply like to play games. Be it casual or elite. As long as able to play fair, have fun and occasionally be competitive.

Currently attempting to finish borderlands for about the third time. :D
Also planning to hop on Defiance.
Assetto corsa for me.
I personally would like to get a serious group for CS:GO don't care for rank as long as can be serious while having fun.
Spintires sort of, maybe..Awesome game, just that the progression in multiplayer is either you gonna have fun or try do objective without losing connection, uhh...First world problems, can't rely on you connection...
I guess I am the only one who wants to play trough Warframe.
I think Ghost recon phantoms was a thing for about an hour...
Couple of upcoming games that are going to be coop and such, open for suggestions as well.

Currently would like to get some people, drop them in skype chat see how it turns out and then, if anything sort it out. Yeah voice chat or there is no purpose to have you.

Be much appreciated if anyone interested would either contact me(This site has PM's right?) or drop some info below (gaming style, games interested in playing, and I can't think of anything, Must sleep noaw) skype info would be nice...

Age isn't an issue. Fuck about? Get kicked.

As always the more fancy I try to make my posts the more they look like 12 year old trying to get attention so imma stop... :D