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Looking for File Explorers, managers for Linux

First, I’m new to Linux and the distro I chose to use first is Mint.

I’m looking for a file explorer that acts similar to Windows Explorer under WinXP. I feel that was one of the best explorers ever created and is very fast to maneuver through and take actions with files.

I’m also looking for a search tool similar to “Everything” for Windows. Commands entered in terminal mode won’t do what I need; it needs to be a graphical tool. What Everything does is displays ALL files on your system, on ALL drives, unless you’ve excluded drives/folders. It basically uses an index of files, and file system changes are immediately reflected. So, you start it, and EVERYTHING is displayed. As you type in the search field, entries drop out of the display that don’t match the search. Word order doesn’t matter, separators don’t necessarily matter, but in some cases they do. Using a space for instance will pretty much allow any separator between words to be accepted and won’t be removed from the results. It’s instantaneous. and is the best search tool I know of, and the most versatile. It’s very much like the search box for windows, limited to files, but since it’s an app, the display area functions much better than a typical search bar display, since you can easily scroll through it, even if it’s millions of files, and it shows the same attributes that you would see if using a file explorer, such as file size, data last changed, file type, location, etc…

I need to take immediate actions from the display area, the same way you would be able to do from a file explorer, such as right clicking for a context box to be able to take actions, or double clicking on the item to open.

One of the neatest things about the tool is if you have files or folders across multiple disks, since you can highlight any one you want, you can do a copy from multiple locations at the same time. The other neat thing is that it works in the opposite direction of a typical search bar, where instead of showing nothing, and the search term starts to include items, you start with everything shown, and the search string start to EXCLUDE items. This is helpful is SO MANY ways.

So, if you know of something similar to this for Linux, any info would be GREATLY appreciated. If you know of something that’s fairly close to this, please let me know. I doubt I’ll find the functionality of “Everything”, and close to it will probably have to be good enough.

Thanks and am looking forward to my Linux journey.

Try SpaceFM. That is my graphical file manager of choice. Very fast, shows drives, can copy across panes from drive to network location etc.


I have 2 goto’s. Midnight Commander, and Thunar. Thunar, IMO, is just a good standard file manager. Shit doesn’t change. MC is so old now that it can’t change. I like thunar as a general file manager and MC for when I have to move dev shit around.

Dolphin is also good.


Keep in mind that there is not going to be a single file manager that behaves exactly as it what you have on windows; but despite that, linux has a plethora of file managers.

These are the primary ones:

I tend to just use what comes with the DE, and mostly use Dolphin. However both Dolphin and Thunar are quite good and very feature rich, they might have what you are looking for. As a Mint user you are probably better off with Thunar than Dolphin, assuming Dolphin needs other KDE software for full functionality.


Feature wise i think nothing can really beat Dolphin.
However since i’m currently using the Mate desktop as a daily driver for my laptop,
i work allot with Caja.
And although it does has some quirks from time to time, it’s still a decent file manager,
with plenty of options.
Nemo is also a nice file manager as well as Thunar or even pcmanFM

Pretty much all standard file managers in linux are fine.
The one i personally don’t like to use is nautilis the stock one that ships with gnome.
Because it’s really stripped down on features compared to what it used to be.


Ditto blech


Thanks for the responses, I’ll look at these different ones you all recommended and maybe a couple from the link provided and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to find a suitable one from that.

Midnight Commander also good for when a program adds a file with a name like ßuèM‰àH‰êH‰ñè²± …ÀuÖ to a directory and you need to get rid of it…

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Thanks! Is that why it’s called Midnight Commander? :slight_smile:

Iirc it is a Norton Commander clone. Used to use Ranger but I would forget the name and always ended up back at Midnight Commander.

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Ranger is my goto, but for drag & drop uploads and other things that can only really be done with a GUI app, I like Thunar.

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Yeah and I really like that ability.