Looking for Durable Wireless Headset

I tend to drop my headset quite a lot. I'm looking for some headphone that can withstand falling 3 to 4 feet several times a week. I would prefer wireless as I tend to do things around the house while i'm having a conversation with people. If possible, something that has a strong clamping force, since I move around a lot while wearing my headset. 7.1 Surround sound preferred. My price range can go up to $300 though I would prefer in the $100's.

I would recommend Logitech g930 then :)

Had mine for2+ years now and in avarage I drop them to the floor x2 a day from thei height of 1,64 meters (my height, haha )  and when sitting down sometimes.

I have a 40m2 apartement and it reaches from corner to  corner even trough the thick concrete wall dividinge my appartement in two.

The sound quality is good/ok and has "surround" good enough to hear were things are coming from or stuff you run by are placed.



Buy these and tell me if they are good.  Too new for reviews.

You might also consider the Astro A50's, never tried them but they look like they couldn't handle a fall or two per day, and I like the base station for them and headsett rest they have.

Never tried the Logitech 2000's but they tests say they have Solid build quality, but the surround could be better.


ok, thanks for the info, I think I might go with the Astro A50's since I can use them with my phone if I want. Thanks for the input.