Looking for Decent (Gaming) Laptop - UK

As of the title, I'm looking for recommendations for a laptop that can be an all rounder. The main use for my current 2012 salvaged Dell laptop is programming and media streaming.

I already have a desktop more than capable of delivering most modern titles in full 4k so a beast is not what I'm looking for.
What I'm looking for is a portable (so not too bulky), machine that is compatible with Linux as a daily driver, that also has a good quality screen for streaming from my media server. The odd modern game too would be nice, but as I said all AAA titles will be played on my desktop.

My budget is around £1000. I can go a little over or if there is a decent machine that is much lower, that'd be great. I'm hoping to get a good few years out of this one.

Also, if anyone knows of any laptop comparison sites out there, that'd be great. (PCPartPicker is full of laptops with no price)

For laptop comparisons there is: Notebookcheck This site is originally in German/Austrian but also has an English version. It covers most things on the European market.
Keep in mind that most smaller manufacturers only rebrand Clevo barebones. So you might have 3 Laptops of very very similar spec that are based on the same chassis.

I do not have any specific recommendations. Do you have a preference for GPUs under Linux?

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Entroware Apollo. I've not used it or seen it in person but I was very intrigued by it.

Edit: I've just noticed it's not listed on their site anymore so must have been discontinued.

I've ordered laptops from pcspecialist.co.uk and there's plenty of options to mess around with on the site.

As above they mostly use Clevo laptops with their own badging on. So you save some money but the chassis build may not be quite up to the major brands.