Looking for decent 27" or IPS monitor

Hey all,


I'm just browsing atm and am just wanting to know what monitors you think are decent out there.

I'm a digital artist/animator and want something that has a nice colour gamut and a decent resolution.

1920x1080 is okay, higher is better.

I'm after a larger screen preferrably, 27" would be sweet, can live with 24".

In hope to purchase 2 or 3 decent monitors for a new build. 

Cheers all. :)

EDIT: Looking between AUD $300-500

Im using a BenQ Gw2750HM, its a 27" AVMA monitor, can game with a 4ms GTG response time and has a 5000:1 Contrast ration with a 178 degree viewing angle, so colour reproduction is good, and the best part is its only about 250$ if you find a deal and 300$ regular


you didnt give a price range so yeah just went for it hahahah :)


Not bad.

I'll add it to the list.



Ahhhh... I failed there...Editited the post.

Price around AUD $300 - 500.

Thanks for the link but.

What about the Shimian models that you see video's about on this site? Other interesting monitors I have come across lately are the:

Asus VG23AH and Crossover 27Q LED-P.

Here is a review on the latter, compared to an Apple Cinema Display: link

shimians are hard to find. other run from $600 on up for a 27" ips with a res over 1080

I'd suggest the Nixeus Vue 27, which is the monitor I have now, but they keep raising the price because of its popularity. It used to be $400. I got it for $500, and now it's $600. It's a 27" IPS panel with a resolution of 2560x1440 and a 6ms response time. It's a really nice monitor, but you'll have to adjust the color when you first get it because the factory settings are pretty terrible.

Fantastic guy/gays.
Thanks. :)