Looking for Cherry MX Blue Switch Keyboard With RED LED Backlighting

Says it all in the description, But i want a GOOD brand, Not some after market keyboard. Like Corsair quality.

Also, If possible, I would like On Keyboard Media Controls as well, And NO Crappy Marketing Brands, I want a good Brand.



cooler master?



my bad, that's like red cherry mx gives it  red illumination and blue, gives blue. kinda dumb you cant choose :(

looks like the cm trigger comes with blue switches and red leds


+1 for cooler master! I have one.

I have the same keyboard, like it a lot.

werd i have the tk cherry blue and it's fucking awesome, no backlight but that's fine, maybe a mod for another day.

This is a Cherry MX Red Switch, Not Blue with Red LED.

No one else can find any other Brands?


This keyboard is sex.

This is a Cherry MX Red Switch, Not Blue.