Looking for bands like this

I've never been a huge fan of all the hundreds of subgenres people throw out, so not sure what these bands fall in to.

 But I'm looking for bands similar to early Alexisonfire and Dance Gavin Dance.

Basically, looking for bands that have the heavy/screaming aspect combined with good clean vocals.

I used to be into Alexisonfire a long time ago, but only a few songs. My favorite was It Was Fear Of Myself That Made Me Odd. A differenty style to say the least. I was also into As I Lay Dying at that time, and I also discovered Austrian Death Machine because both bands had Tim Lambesis as lead singer. I'm really not familiar with the screamo genre at all, however I know of quite a few fantastic bands that have a balance of clean vocals and heavy growls.

Eluveitie is one of my all time favorites. Their most recent release, Helvetios, follows a gaulish tribe throughout wars, and this particular song is about the fall of Alesia:


Here is another one of their big hits, Inis Mona



The Agonist is another one of my favorites. On top of being a fantastic growler and decent singer, Alyssa White-Gluz is also a fantastic looker *drools*


And finally, Epica.


I don't really listen to bands like alexisonfire although I do like some stuff like Issues and Woe is me.

Here is a few songs/bands that have harsh vocals with clean parts.





Also voyager the Australian power/progressive metal bands have harsh vocals but mostly clean.