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Looking for assisstance with Looking Glass setup on a pre-made kvm (Manjaro Host, Win10 guest)

Hi, I’ve been browsing around for a while and have been having some trouble getting Looking Glass setup on a kvm which I successfully setup for use on a secondary display, the general specs of my kvm are a passed through gtx 1070, an Intel quad core i7 6700k clocking at ~4.0GHz (all cores passed through), and 11gb of RAM.

I have been following several guides here on the Looking Glass setup but most of them are for fresh kvms. Before I continue any further I’d like to make sure that there are no additional steps I should be be taking before attempting to transfer it to Looking Glass or if I can simply follow the fresh kvm setup guide for the most part.

Just make sure you install the same version of the Windows (host) application that maps to the Linux client, and have your ramdrive configured in your VM XML / driver loaded in windows as per the docs.

The LookingGlass docs cover this pretty well in their Quick Start.

It likely doesn’t matter that it’s a fresh VM or not. Just that you have pass-through working properly to begin with.

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Alright, thanks for the clarification on that.

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