Looking for an Upgrade

Well last winter I was mainly shoveling two driveways through out winter for cash and I made around 150$ which is really awesome, and with that money I made a computer (400$) and now I'm thinking of getting a video card. So I was thinking on what kind of card I should get. Preferably one that's 9.6 inches max because my case is terrible, and I have a 500 watt powersupply. I started off with an APU and with that kind of money I can get something pretty beefy. The only thing I'm worried about is if I also need to upgrade the ram because I only have four gigs.

Any reccomendations?

Oh yeah I'm getting a new DDR pad first though...which costs 300$.



Something like a 7870/7950/270x/280x/760. There will be plenty about that are <9.6"

Adding another 4gb of ram certainly wouldnt hurt. but if it comes down to having a better gpu then i'd say grab a better card now then save up for another 4gb ram.


I was gonna recommend a radeon 270 or 270x but I couldn't find one under 9.6 inches. This gtx 760 is EVGA so great warranty and has the ACX cooler and is 9.5 inches long.