Looking for an overall good android phone

Have a phone upgrade available and was looking to move from iOS to android. I would prefer something that is easily able to sync to pc, probably software related more than hardware. I would also prefer a larger screen and a decent camera. Since I am new to android I do not know the specs, but would like a phone that is fast processor wise because I will be using it for a lot of programs and data syncing. If anyone could give me an overview of top tier android phones out at the present time I would appreciate it.

Android doesnt really use sync. You plug in your phone, and drag/drop music to it, like a flash drive.

The HTC One is the highest tier right now.

I use a Droid Razr, which is amazing, but the Droid razr Maxx has an incredible battery.

The new line of droid phones, however, has a phone with a 48 hour In-call battery life. So thats a good choice, as well.

If you want to compare them, Search The phones name with "Phone arena" at the end. It will give you tons of specs. All easy to understand.

For example.


Iphone 4s.

Compare that side by side with the HTC One