Looking for an mATX case

I want something relatively easy to build in, mid range and quiet. Does anybody recommend a case like this? I currently have some cheapo generic case that came with a dodgy power supply, so anything's an upgrade. Also, I don't plan on having any crazy water cooling set-up or anything like that, I've got an R9 270x and some mediocre AMD parts (stock cooler which I'm replacing soon anyway) as well as a few Noctua fans.


P.S I live in the UK so I dunno, export charges and stuff.

take a look at the fractal arm mini. i'm super impressed. it's got some size for a matx, but that's because there are nice drive cages in the front and fans all the way around, also cable management makes for a bit of room. i modded the foam on the egress fans in the "lid"... well i just cut it out, but it did ultra nice and looks awesome.

Thanks for the recommendation, it looks a bit bland aesthetically IMO, but seems pretty good otherwise.


I like the look of the arc mini r2, isn't it the same case but with a window?

I recommend the Silverstone FT03. its Aesthetically Pleasing and has a small footprint. its also a bit pricy but i think its worth it.

I like the look of this one, but yeah it's a bit pricey, another one to consider when I can afford to get a case.

This is definitely one of the best looking cases on the market.

Sssh, I really like the FT03, but I'm a poor student so something cheaper will have to do, we'll see.

fractal design node 804

Cooler Master N200.

Cooler Master Silencio 352.

Awesome cases, cheap to boot.

Arc Mini R2 is not just window mod for the arc. It has removable and rotatable bottom hard drive cage, better quality rubber grommets, front fan controller placement, 2xUSB3 ports at the front, instead of one USB3 and two USB2, and the window. And let's not forget the SSD brackets at the back of the mobo tray.

It's hell of a case.

Corsair 350D. I own one and I don't have any problems. It's not optimised to be quiet, but it'll do the job.

This is over a month old, but I in case you didn't buy anything yet, I'd recommend the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv. A little more so then the FT03. But I've seen deals for the FT03, since it's an old case.

Fractal Design core 1300 & 1500 are ok.

I have the corsair 350D if you have any questions just ask :)

I recommend the fractal node 804

Mostly for airflow and expansion.

350D is a beauty. The new V2 from thermal take looks good as well as far as case modding and expansion goes.

Corsair 350D is a good case, easy to build in and has good air flow.