Looking for an aio with an msata, a 3.5" hdd, and can run on DC power

Heya, I'm looking for a low powered aio pc to be used as a media pc in a camper.
So far the closest thing I have found is the Lenovo c20,
It's 19.5" lcd, had a 3.5" hdd and a DVD (which can be changed to a 250gb ssd), you can get it in a quad core pentium, and have 8gb of ram, and it runs on a 45w power adapter, which I can just get a Lenovo car charger and we are away.
But before I go get one, I wanna know does anyone know of anything else which might meet my requirements.

Hi. May I ask why an AIO and not a laptop? What is your budget? Do you already have a 3.5" HDD lying around that you'd like to hook up to it? I'm confused because you state the Lenovo c20 already has a 3.5" HDD installed, right?

Anyway, if an AIO is not critical, You can also build a small form factor with a pico-PSU which runs on 12V, handy if it runs off of a car battery. Less voltage conversion means less loss and more battery life.

im currently using a dell e5440 with a 128gb ssd, and 2x 2tb notebook hard drives, but they are both full with tv shows and movies.
i have a spare 8tb 3.5" hard drive, that is why i was looking for something with a 3.5" hdd.

Would a laptop with an external enclosure for the HDD be an option? It would possibly be cheaper than an AIO computer, and would be a bit more mobile.

USB 3.0 can go up to 480 Mbps, which is quite a bit higher than what is required by HD videos.

ive just found a 12v 6a buck regulator which will be able to power my qnap hs210, i think ill just use that connected to the laptop

USB 3 is 5Gb/s, you're thinking of USB 2. Your point still stands though :)

@massiveoni Nice you got it figured out :)

Close enough!

Honestly I just pulled the answer from Google without actually reading what it was referencing.

@massiveoni Glad you got it sorted. I figured external storage would make file transfer easier as well because it could be connected to anything to add files. Wouldn't have to worry about flash drives or network connections.

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