Looking for an abomination.... SATA --> M.2

Good Morning Aall,
I looked around for this thread but don’t see any for this mystery hardware product (I could of missed something!). Im looking for recommendations for Hardware level SATA rust to M.2 cloning devices without using Windows or Linux Cloning Software to facilitate the clone. If you could suggest viable or tested recommendations, I would be ever grateful!

PS. Yes this is for Medium Business Use


If the M.2 is SATA all you need is an M.2 drive enclosure and you can drop it into a HDD/SSD drive clone dock to copy the HDD to SSD. Keep in mind you may need to use a partition tool to resize if the SSD is larger than the HDD.

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Im talking literals here,
Spinning Rust HDD to m.2 formfactor SSD

This is what I used when migrating HDD to a SSD(M.2)

Dock with clone button which you don’t need cloning software:

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Interesting, though I assume this only works on sata m.2 drives where as NVME Fails?

2.5in SATA to M.2 SATA
NVMe is through PCIe

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Have you looked at hard drive duplicators? You will still need to adapt the m.2 drives to an ssd but something like this should … in theory … work for ya.

standalone drive duplicator

@GoldenAngel1997 You’re right, I expect this endeavor to fail due to the interface differences between PCIE NVME and SATA

Then why not use a machine to do the transfer, if you want to cross the differing protocols?

Doesn’t need to be a full on workstation; a pi and a SATA dock for the rust source, with a USB to M.2 NVMe caddy for the target?


I think I have found your solution. Combine these two with a dual SATA clone drive.

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