Looking for AMD board for Unraid VM gaming server

Using my 5600X to make a new server for myself. I need a decent motherboard that supports passthrough. Id like it to support 2 gpus, and alos be as easy to set up as possible.

Looking at a Gigabyte x570 Auros Elite as it seems to be fairly priced.

Is this it?

With consumer boards, you only have 16 lanes available for expansion. Either 1x 16 lanes or 2x 8 lanes. So you have to live with half the PCIe bandwidth for the GPUs if using two. Keep in mind that you can’t upgrade LAN later on, so pick a board that has good NICs out of the box.

Can’t say anything about IOMMU groups with Gigabyte, but most x570 boards will do PCIe passthrough without problems.