Looking for AM3 multi core cpu

I’m looking for a multi core am3 cpu to replace the sempron in my daughters pc. She is really missing being able to play games online.

Trying to avoid ebay if I can.

then get on CL?

I was just hoping someone here had one sitting a shelf they are not using for a few bucks. I also feel this community is far more reliable for good used parts than sources like ebay and cl. I’ve had more than one bad experience with cl and ebay buying used parts.

You can buy one on eBay right now that has free returns. I don’t know if you’ve used it lately but they’ve implemented new policies since last summer. Sellers are incentivised to offer free returns.

Check this one out


I may have a cpu/mobo setup for an fx8300 laying around if you want that. Let me dig through my hoarding drawer.


Corrected the spelling in the thread title.

cpus pretty much live forever, its a decent bet if the seller has rep

You could also use Zambezi cpu’s on an am3 board.
So FX-41xx, FX61xx FX81xx etc.

Vishera cpu’s could also work if you update the bios.
FX4300, FX6300 and FX8350.
But keep in mind if you are looking of an 8 core sku FX83xx / FX8150,
then make sure that you mobo has an adequate enough vrm.


Let me know if you still have and how much.

If it’s an emachines pre-built there can be problems.
Any “normal” motherboard you can get the specs online for what cpu’s will work.

I have a Phenom II x4 960T quad core laying around. Might let it go for a few dollars. You can unlock these to a 6-core if the BIOS has the option.

Ebay is pretty safe for buying CPUs. That’s usually where I get older ones for a bargain. Just check the seller rep and read the item description carefully.