Looking for: Aftermarket GPU cooler

Need's to fit a Radeon 5830. Try to include pictures. I doubt anyone here will really have one, but it's worth a shot.

For the cost of the cooler, and by selling the 5830 you could buy a 7850. But if you really want the cooler...


this would work, or this if you want watercooling


You can pick them up cheap new, The Zalman VF3000A fits the 5830


Here are the cheapest I found on the Egg

I already looked around online, to be honest, but thanks for your help guys. I was just wondering if anyone HERE had one that there wanted to part with.

selling the 5830 plus money for cooler used for a 7850 actally sounds pretty good

nice alt solution isteelsolz

The point is to USE the 5830. I'm going to run it in crossfire with another card, a 5850, and I need a cooler. I need one for both, actually.


If anyone HERE has one to sell/trade, that would be great.

and the point were trying to make is dont use the 5830

The point I'm trying to make is I have a very limited budget and I was not planning on spending more than 30 dollars for an aftermarket cooler. I could only bring in about 120 dollars from selling the card. That is only 150 dollars. Why would I take that over simply spending 30 dollars so that I can crossfire this with my 5850?