Looking for advice on my PC 1000-1300$

Ive been planning on buying a pc for a while, I know a decent amount but i suffer in some areas.
Here is my PCPartPicker link: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/FxB4kL
I dont know how to check if things are incompatible or what to look for in a case. open to any and all suggestions.

Budget. 1000-1300 max.
Where do you live USA, and what currency do you use? USD

What will you be using your Glorious computer for? Gaming
Do you overclock or want to get into overclocking? Im uneducated on difficulties associated with it but would like to try.
Do you plan on going for custom watercooling now, or in the future? No
Operating System. Do you need a new one? Yes, Windows seven.

What kind of settings do you like or what FPS do you want to play at? 60-100 fps
What resolution will you be playing at? //or would like to play at. 1080p minimum with 1440p preferable.
What kind of games do you like to play? FPS(CSGO) , Wolfenstein, GTAV

What kind of keyboard do you prefer? Mechanical
What type of mouse-grip do you have? Palm
What kind of games do you play? FPS
What size monitor are you looking for, and what resolution? Regular gaming monitor, 120hz 1440p

What I have right now.

Headset: steelseries siberia v2
Mouse: Razer Taipan
Keyboard: Waiting for a deal on a good mechanical.
Chair and desk are no issue.


If you are not planning to go into overclocking, i think you might can do a littlebit better for the money.
I think there are better bang for buck cpu´s out there, if you are not interessted in overclocking.
Something like the Xeon E3-1241-V3 for example, its basicly a 4790 without igpu. of course its not overclockable, but it has a base clock of 3.5GHz, and turbo clock upto 3.9GHz, basicly way enough to max out any single gpu on the market today.
Big pro of these Xeon chips is, that you can pair them with a cheaper H97 board for example, which can save you some cash.

Are you ever plan to go with dual gpu setups?

I'd suggest you shoot for an i5 with an R9 280, which is about $150 right now.

And that RAM and SSD seem a bit overpriced

I also don't see a case, and if you go with "linux" your OS is free ;).

And then I don't know what your display situation is, nor your mouse/keyboard/audio/chair/desk situation.

Regarding overclocking, I put no because I know nothing about it. Would the setup work for an overclocking setup?

I found the ram and ssd much cheaper on newegg, I just put them down to show. I have a 1 tb seagate external harddrive that I plan to use for most games, the ssd is just for specifics.

Just keep in mind that you don't need to spend all your money on the PC's hardware, things like a nice case, or a better display can go a long way.

Plus an i7 isn't going to be all that much faster over an i5 in most games, surely not a hundred dollars worth.

Are there any definites I should look for in a case? I don't know much about them.

Your current setup would basicly work for overclocking, but i think i would trow in a better mobo in that case, and you gonne need a aftermarket cooler ofc.
Something like Msi Z97 Gaming 5 for example.

i´m currently playing arround with some interesting builds for you.

The HAF XB is probably the best case ever


Regarding aftermarket coolers, i know i will need a liquid cooler for the cpu, which im not worried about buying, but what should i look for in one.

What is the better choice; 240mm or 120mm, and how would i know a good brand from bad.

I found some examples. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835181060&cm_re=cpu_liquid_cooling-_-35-181-060-_-Product


Im not worried about noise levels

So i´m going to make a couple of builds so check this post out.

Build 1: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/fkpN7P
Xeon E3-1241V3 + GTX970, this build is not overclockable, but it will be a damm good gaming + light productivity pc.

Build 2: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/XrNWdC
Similar to above but now with a Sapphire 290X TriX OC.

Build 3: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/7RrWdC
4690K + 290X overclockable, for pure gaming

Build 4 http://pcpartpicker.com/p/nj6mjX
4690K + GTX970 overclockable, for pure gaming

I would say take a look at some of these builds.
And let me know what you think.
All these builds will basicly be great for gaming, the intel Xeon is also a great chip for video editing / rendering and stuf, in case you need that it has 4 cores 8 Threads, just like an i7.

of course you can also decide to go with a 4790K + Msi Z97 Gaming 5, and have the best for gaming and light productivity and overclocking.
But yeah that will be a bit more expensive.

About the case thats a bit personal, you can of course choose whatever you like.

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I like the third and fourth builds,
Would switching to from the i7 4690k to the i5-4690k and overclocking the i5 be acceptable?

I changed mobos and to the i5, and also remove the overpriced ssd. Would this build still work for overclocking?

basicly most games are not realy optimized to utilize more then 4 threads atm.
So basicly an i5-4690k should be all you realy need for a while for decent gaming.

However, there are a few games, that allready start to take a slight advantage of multicore cpu´s. GTA V for example.
So the i7-4790K, is ofcourse still the better choice if you can afford it overall.
But the i5-4690k is basicly enough for gaming.

Thanks for all the advice. this has been eye opening