Looking for advice on a Linux workstation

I've built a couple of computers, but I'm still rather new to this.

PC part picker link: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/hsFmTW

This is for my personal use in my home office.
I run Debian and Ubuntu.
All of my stuff is stored on my home NAS

Everything looks pretty good.

Do you plan on just sticking with the integrated graphics with your setup?

Get a less expensive SSD, intel ones will also basically brick themselves when they're about to run out of writes, or something like that.

I'd suggest a Xeon 1231v3, but then it wouldn't have any iGPU for output, do you have a spare old GPU lying around you could use?

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Good call.
I'd recommend corsair SSDs. If I remember correctly they've been rated to support 1PB of writes before showing issues. But then again, I'm sure he'd upgrade to another SSD before one of these reach their write limit.