Looking for advanced node.js coder to help with data destruction software

Let me first start off by saying this is not an advertisement and i do not represent any software companies.

This is a personal project of mine that has been under development for the past year.

I am looking for an advanced nodejs coder who wouldn’t mind being part of a data destruction software project. I dont have any money to hire anyone and iam not looking to hire anyone. Iam looking for a friend who wants to have some fun. If this goes anywhere you can be part of it. This is not an advertisement. Just seriously need some help… My friend who has been helping for a year recently had a occupation change and is no longer able to help me on the project. We currently tested this with an entire server cabinet with over 300 drives and it worked great!. Problem is i don’t know node.js or typescript too well… Its a sham to see this project stalled because it will be the most advanced drive wiping software available and would help many people. It would be for the good of everyone if i can get it finished but i need help. Every hard drive has a certificate generated for it with its life time data writes, smart status and wipe algorithm.

I have even gone as far as to get permission of HD sentinel to be allowed to use their software for some of the smart abilities.

Ability of software
Wipe drives in bulk
Fully automated (No button required to start wiping process)
Drives start wiping upon detection of hard drive
Certificates are generated for each drive
Certificates can be emailed
Logs can be exported to excel
Smart status of drives written to certificate
Ability to backup and restore certificates and logs
Hidden developer options
Scannable bar codes written to certificates
Automatically converts 520 sector drives to 512 sector (Makes certain drives windows compatible)

Core utilities
Gentoo Linux
Realtime kernel

Works best with SAS cards with IT mode based firmware (Allows software to handle bad drives without kernel freezes and crashes)

IF ANYONE KNOWS NODE JS PLEASE O PLEASE MESSAGE ME. I know how the software and code works inside and out. I just dont know the code it self…
I have put 100s of hours into Youtube sessions getting this developed and have spent what little savings i had on this…

Id figured some good people might take notice here and find someone to help me.

The software is based on 10 years of data destruction experience in the electronics recycling industry (My job)

This is by far the weirdest post I’ve seen in this forum.

You say it’s not an ad, yet you’re here for 8 days and asking for someone who can code for free in your software, which I assume isn’t even open source, am I right?

If you’re trying to develop some FOSS solution you go ahead and post the source code and try to convince someone to help you, because the way things are presented I’d say this is weird at best

@w.meri winston, if I were you I’d put this post under your watchlist

Iam not sure why this post is weird to you, iam simply pleading for help its a shame you cant see the authenticity of it.

If you look at my KVM post, you will realize i will be a very valuable member of the community. Also as usually you will be another person helping hinder a software project from a poor bastard. So next time when you get in a similar situation and you think that guys an asshole, just remember. It would be nice, if people could see them selfs in anothers eyes. Iam not here to just ask for help on this, i also came here to get help on doing a real time KVM based guide that actually address how to properly taskset the isolcpus when doing virtualization. I plan on making a guide on this, considering almost every guide on this site
and every other site has yet to address how to properly set up a real time KVM. Iam here to benefit the community and ask for help and maybe you guys can do the same for me. But if not thats fine i can do that somewhere else. Also if you look at the technical knowledge i have and yet you want to put a valued member of the community on a watch list when asking for help?

Not only will you be hindering a piece of software, you will be helping rid the forums of a very helpful and valuable member.

I also take time in presentation of my posts, i include pictures and actively reply to other members.

Iam not here for a quick hi and bye. Iam here to be an active community member.

Please dont take anything i said offensive.

I also watch Wendell’s videos on almost a daily basis.

Iam a brother in need of some help.

If you want people to help you please post the link to the source code.

No offense but all you’ve asked us for help without any question of what/where you need help.


The help i need is more like, live sessions on discord and YouTube via mic for sometimes hours at a time. Its a personal software development project and would probably be the best hard disk wiping software you could think of . If it could actually get finished… Problem is i don’t have the resources and money to do it and i simply need help. I mean look at it, don’t you guys think it looks good? wouldn’t you want to see it become something?

I can help you but I want a 20% stake in your company and a percentage of all sales.


The UI seems alright (clean + clear) but a nice coat of paint won’t sell if the software does not work how people expect.

There is a coding channel in the L1 Discord where you can reach out to see if anyone would help you there.

However, it would be easiest for you to just post links but by all means, do what you feel comfortable.

I look forward to your project succeeding.

Thanks guys! What’s the discord channel anyway? I need to finish setting up my profile, ive been to this site a bunch with my Google explorations and have watched Wendell for a while… but i just signed up for an account the other day to get some help with my KVM and do a guide for everyone. I decided to make a help me post because ive been stalled on this for a bit… Plus its nice when you can find someone to discord with and learn from. Ive been wanting to learn node.js for a while but its a pain in the ass. I did most of the gui layout and i know what has to be done to the core of the code but i dont know the code it self. Very hard to explain and a unique situation. But thanks guys!!!

oh I didn’t

I’m not questioning your value to the community, and now I understand you’re not a spammer, but:


the kind of help you’re seeming to want is a paid one… so you either find a business partner or pay someone

Looking for friend and or business partner. This wiping software is literally my life right now…

Its my joy to watch this thing get developed and up and running. The guy who is helping me is someone i met on Starcraft 2. He was a software engineer in his country and what you see was made with a language barrier and Google translate. I make around 700 a week and i put everything i had into this. Time and what little money i had to spare.

When my friend does get time to help me its only like a few hours out of the month.

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Good luck to you then!

Thank you very much

While here, do you happen to have any pointers to any publicly available resources that document vendor specific/model specific commands/verbs? How do you usually get to those?

No everything has been private via discord chat, but tons and tons of Google has been done to further the project.

As far as vendor specific commands the only thing i can think of is that sometimes certain commands like lshw and lsblk handle things differently based on how the serial numbers and models are retrieved from the hard drive. Some are unable to pull the correct information, but we got that issue solved.

Also 1 other thing was when having the drives auto convert with sg3_utils(mainly netapp drives), some drives actually do the low level format on board when issuing a command to change the sector size. Some drives actually run the process on the hard drive it self and will even continue when the drive is removed and reinserted.

Which causes communicate and GUI problems with the host. This is the type of stuff iam good at…

Much of the work was done based on trial and error since much of what we were trying to do is not documented because of the amount of udev to php/node.js handling that was done.

Pretty much if it didnt work with 1 command try it another way. If 1 command didnt work IF THAN statements were used to use a different command. 1 of these reasons this thing has been in development for a year.

When it comes to nodejs i dont know what iam doing and iam at the point where iam about to sleep with youtube videos on to get my subconscious to learn some of it.

considering this is the level1 tech forums iam sure there are plenty of node.js devs here that have yet to see my post :slight_smile:

The main issue iam trying to solve now is an auto update system and making a GUI setup process that interacts with the TPM on board to setup encryption.

There are a few people beta testing it now, but 1 small issue i have is updates over an autossh tunnel and it takes to long to update 2-3 drive wipers. It needs to be automated, i can think of the solution and how to do it , but i need someone better at node to help me put the idea together.

sounds complicated.

If you’re building appliances like the ones I’ve seen before, you may want to look into RAUC or for example how home assistant utilizes it. Alternatively, you can build and distribute pre built docker images (like any distro package they’re just archives with certain internal structure) uploaded to the registry … Because they’re self contained, it’d allow folks on any distribution to start using them following a very simple setup.

The docker images sound like they might be helpful for deployment and auto updates. It is complicated as far as how it works. It requires more of a deep understanding of Linux and how it handle’s hardware. But the coding for it is actually not hard, my guess it would require fairly simple node.js skills. Simple, just not for me. I on the other hand would know what needs to be done, what command lines to use, how it needs to look, how it handles certain events etc… Thats my area of expertise. Just some more information for anyone that may be looking to help.

Does anyone else know of another other additions that may be used to deploy automatic updates across a Linux distro. But more along the lines of updating certain files and not just packages…?

I could do the auto updates my self iam pretty sure, but how could the database be updated on client machines without causing chaos… this seems to be a hard one for me.