Looking for a USBc / DP / Thunderbolt KVM-style switch for use with a dock

Hello All and Wendell,

Working form home I have multiple laptops, work and personal, that I switch between. They all have USBc / DP and can function with the Dell D6000 Dock.

What I’d like to have is a kind of KVM that accepts USBc / DP inputs from multiple PCs and outputs a single USBc / DP that I would run into my D6000 dock. This way I can keep all my monitors and stuff plugged into the D6000 dock and use the switcher to select which laptop is currently connected to the dock.

Ideally, this switch must also provide power to each laptop even during standby. Because the plug that handles DP output is the same plug that also acts as the laptops charging port. I don’t want laptops dying because they’ve been on all day and not in-use.

Any thoughts on my problem? Any suggested products I could look at for this?

Thank you all.

Welcome to the community.

I’m not sure one device will meet your needs. You may need multiple docks and one kvm to bring the signals from each dock into your monitors. Some more details on your monitor setup would be helpful.

The typical model would be laptop > dock > KVM > (monitor + Keyboard + mouse + other USB devices). Note the peripherals would be plugged into the KVM directly and shared with all docks.

I hope that helps but if you have specific questions please let us know.

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