Looking for a "turn based" D&D game for PC

I've been looking for a D&D game for PC. I don't mean one of the online MMORPGS, but a game that is as close to the pen and paper game as I can get. I don't really have anyone to actually play the real pen and paper game with, though I did at one point and I quite enjoyed it. I'm just looking for sugestions. Anything that can be played single player, and is either turn based or even close to a strategy game would be cool. Anyone know any games like this? Sorry if it seems I'm being too specific lol

A couple ones off the top of my head would be Temple of the Elemental Evil over on GOG, would be your best bet. You might want to  check out the other DnD games there; one of them was a RTS but I don't know how good it is.

If you feel like digging, I think Pools of Radiance 2 was average if I remember right. Some say it was a rough gem others say it was terrible. Either way, I believe it was buggy.


PS: far as turn-based, you're going to have to look for the older DOS based ones if you don't mind the classics.

Have you ever played baldurs gate?

Planescape Torment is simply fantastic. Especially with the high res mods.

Warriors of the eternal sun, ancient d&d game on the megadrive, find it on emulator

Turn based combat, the big battles were awesome.

I am a huge Dungeons and Dragons fan and I had alot of fun with the first Neverwinter Nights.  They have it on gog.

Have you heard of "Boardgame-online" its pretty fun.. i just found it 3 days ago and spent hours playing it. My name is Graphex on that site too.